Photo from the launch of the Quantum Computer. The Quantum Computer is placed next to a screen showing the promovideo of the computer. The text on the screen says "When Norway Went Quantum"

First Norwegian Quantum Computer

The idea of buying the first Quantum Computer in Norway got planted during one of our NordSTAR meetings this spring. On the 18th of November, we were able to launch both the computer and the new Quantum Initiative at OsloMet.

NordSTAR had a key role in bringing the first Quantum Computer to Norway. During the launch last week we could also reveal that a second Quantum Computer has been bought, and is on the way. 

The computers will be used for research and education at the Department of Computer Science and the Artificial Intelligence Lab. The research group for Mathematical Modelling will be responsible for the education. 

In this video you can get the story behind the purchase, and learn what Quantum Computing is all about (

  • Quantum AI

    Quantum Artificial Intelligence is one of the research areas in NordSTAR. The aim of this area is to bridge the gap between the growing number of theoretical suggestions on design and application of quantum AI and the present lack of quantitative practical results.

    Leader of the research area: 

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      Watch this video to learn more about quantum AI: 

    Khrono was invited to the launch on the 18th of November. Read the article for more information, and an interview with Professor Sølve Selstø from the Mathematical Modelling group (

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      Published: 26/11/2021 | OsloMet