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OsloMet will use artificial intelligence to warn of extreme climate.

NordSTAR at OsloMet will work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for forecasting and monitoring extreme climate events in the DHEFEUS project.

Image of dark and heavy clouds lying low over a mountain. Sun over forest and settlement below, but the clouds warn of a change in weather.
Innovation Award to Gustavo Mello

AI Lab leader Gustavo Mello was awarded the Innovation Award for his many efforts to create and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations between the AI Lab and other research groups at OsloMet.

Gustavo Mello, leader of the AI Lab, during the retreat in 2021.
NordSTAR and the AI Lab discuss how AI can contribute to journalism

On Friday, the 1st of April, we organised a panel at the SKUP 2022 conference together with the Department of Journalism and Media Studies.

Gustavo Mello, leader of the AI Lab, talks to a crowd on the SKUP 2022 conference.
Collaboration with a Czech university in strong progress

University of Hradec Králové and OsloMet have signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation in education, science and research.

The picture shows the two rectors shaking hands after signing the collaboration agreement.
The AI Lab is working with

Gustavo Mello, leader of the AI Lab, was recently interviewed by kode24 on the new collaborative project: Faktisk Innsikt.

Person on the phone Source: freestocks/
NordSTAR paper in ICES

A student project from Evolutionary AI and Robotics is set to be presented and published as a conference paper

The three master students Jørgen Jensen Farner, Ruben Jahren, and Håkon Weydahl, Kristine Heiney in the front, then postdoc/Assoc. Prof. Ola Huse Ramstad, and Prof. Stefano Nichele.
Covid-19 and Global Increases in Cybersecurity Attacks

Researchers have studied the most recent cyberattack trends, and how they can exploit COVID-19.

AI robot using cyber security to protect information privacy. Photo by: Blue PLanet Studio. Source: Shutterstock
New centre aims to prepare future professionals for the digital world

PACT is a new centre at OsloMet that will promote a new type of education where all students develop an understanding of how technology interacts with their future profession and with society.

A class learning digital technologies. Photo: Unsplash
Information technology at the top of publishing

The Department of Computer Science had the highest publication number of computer science departments at Norwegian universities in 2020.

Picture of the OsloMet logo mounted on the edge of a glass roof on the facade of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo. Blue sky in the background to the left.
NORA.startup webinar on sustainable AI

On May 21st Laurence Habib attended the NORA.startup webinar to discuss sustainable artificial intelligence, and what we can do to make AI more sustainable.

Laurence Habib talking with colleague
Technology cooperation with the Czech Republic

OsloMet is initiating a collaboration with the University of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic on commercialisation of technological research.

The photo shows a smiling girl outdoors on campus of the Czech university University of Hradec Králové, holding a flag with the university logo together with a Norwegian flag.
A mathematical "quiz" solved for data science

An article deriving an approximate solution of an old equation in statistical physics.

Woman writing calculations on whiteboard. Illustration from, by @thisisengineering.
First course on neural data analysis

In the autumn of 2021 we are going to run our first course on neural data analysis.

someone looking through the course overview on
How to make AI we can trust

Artificial intelligence offers great promise, but suffers from a trust deficit. Researchers at OsloMet are seeking to make this technology more trustworthy and, ultimately, more sustainable.

Rear view of two computer programmers, a young woman and a young man, discussing at office desk.
Towards a less artificial Artificial Intelligence

Stefano Nichele from OsloMet AI Lab and Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI (NordSTAR) presented at the NORA webinar.

Stefano Nichele standing in front of the OsloMet campus
OsloMet AI Lab granted status of Excellent Academic Environment with NordSTAR

Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI research (NordSTAR) will be OsloMets high quality academic environment in modern Artificial Intelligence.

Picture of a wall at OsloMet with green climbing plants