Digitalisation Minister Nikolai Astrup is introduced to the new lab and the work on artificial intelligence by CEO Gustavo Mello. In the background, Deputy Head and Strategy Coordinator for the lab, Stefano Nichele. Photo: Sonja Balci.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Our mission is to do research and innovation on artificial intelligent systems that improve the way people work and live, and educate our students to build and use AI to solve societal challenges.

OsloMet Artificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) is a joint research centre for OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and SimulaMet ( located in the heart of Oslo. The Department of Computer Science is the host of the centre located in Pilestredet 52 in Oslo.

The Applied Artificial Intelligence research group (AAI) took the initiative to the lab, which has members from many research groups at OsloMet and SimulaMet, and is at the forefront of artificial intelligence in Norway.

We have an interdisciplinary approach to the development of artificial intelligence that takes people and the society into account. The centre will contribute to a better coordination of research on artificial intelligence and facilitate collaboration with other environments.

Contact us 

OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway
Pilestredet 52, third floor, entrance A.

Map: Google Maps, 52 Pilestredet

Contacts for the media and scientific cooperation – see overview over employees (people).

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