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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge driver for digitalisation of society and is radically changing the way we work. This research group aims at bridging the gap between theory and applications in the real world.

The group belongs to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design and conducts research activities in the following areas:

We apply AI methods to a variety of disciplines, such as healthcare and neuroscience, design and art, Internet of Things, computer vision and speech processing, imaging and 3D data, education and learning, climate, economy and finance.

Head of research group

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      • Projects

        • SOCRATES (Self-Organising Computational Substrates) ( Funded by the Research Council of Norway - IKTPLUSS, 2017-2022. Collaboration between NTNU and OsloMet. Contact: Stefano Nichele.
        • CAOS (Complex, Adaptive, Self-Organising Systems). Lighthouse project as OsloMet, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, 2017-2018. Contact: Stefano Nichele.
        • Smart walking assistant with deep learning. Internal project, 2018-2021. Contact: Raju Shreshta.
        • Pepper humanoid robot. Internal project in collaboration with IBM Watson, 2017-2018. Contact: Stefano Nichele, Alex Alcocer.
        • PACER (Patient-Centric Engineering in Rehabilitation). Funded by the Research Council of Norway PROFESJON, 2018-2021. Collaboration with the Department of Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering and the Department of Product Design at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design and the Department of Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences at OsloMet. Contact: Hugo Lewi Hammer.