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Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)

The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design offers higher education and research and development (R&D) activities within technical subjects, arts and design.


2021 (Database for Statistics on Higher Education)

Bachelor's programmes

In addition, one-year and six-months courses, courses for exchange students, and further education

Master's programmes

New master's programme in smart mobility and urban analysis and five-year teacher education in design, arts and crafts from 2022

PhD programme

in Engineering Science


New master’s programme in smart mobility and urban analysis

The new master gives students knowledge and skills in sustainable and smart transport planning and urban analysis.

Picture of two students pointing to digital maps of an urban area on a screen on the wall. The room behind the students is dark, so that the students show in black against the light screen.
Makerspace partner with Epicenter Oslo and StartupLab

OsloMet Makerspace has entered a formal relationship with both Epicenter Oslo and StartupLab.

Picture of Mathias Wilumsen, Andreas Graf and Henriette Sveen at the signing of the agreement indoors at Epicenter Oslo. Henriette signs the smiling document with Andreas and Mathias in the background.
OsloMet gets digital top laboratory

OsloMet students get a state-of-the-art digital laboratory within construction engineering, building technology and sustainable design.

Picture of newly graduated bachelor's student in civil engineering, Cecilie Erland, with equipment for the lab in her hands. The background is blue with drawings of roads, vehicles, lampposts and other transport infrastructure, and information about Trimble's solutions.
Cristina Paupini elected for the Faculty Board at TKD

PhD Fellow Cristina Paupini is elected as representative for the temporary teaching and research staff at TKD.

Portrait picture of Cristina Paupini to the left. Cristina is dressed in a white shirt, and in the background there is a brick wall. To the right, a picture of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo.
Information technology at the top of publishing

The Department of Computer Science had the highest publication number of computer science departments at Norwegian universities in 2020.

Picture of the OsloMet logo mounted on the edge of a glass roof on the facade of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo. Blue sky in the background to the left.
OsloMet AI Lab granted status of Excellent Academic Environment with NordSTAR

Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI research (NordSTAR) will be OsloMets high quality academic environment in modern Artificial Intelligence.

Picture of a wall at OsloMet with green climbing plants
Best Paper Award to OsloMet researchers again!

Ashish Rauniyar and Paal Engelstad from OsloMet got the Best Paper Award at the IEEE 43rd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing.

Picture of Ashish Rauniyar
Master's students help clean the Oslo Fjord

The challenge was to locate bottlenecks caused by heavy rain and reduce spilling of untreated water to the Oslo Fjord.

Picture of the winning students
New continuing education in Structural Health Monitoring

Being able to map out damage to bridges and other building structures with advanced sensor technology improves safety without resource-intensive manual observations.

Picture of a bridge in Romsdal in Norway
European Union project paves the way for women in technology

The project aims to give more women access to technology, digital skills and leadership positions.

Illustration picture from Makerspace at OsloMet
New smart technology research centre for infrastructure, construction and mobility

OsloMet and Chongqing Smart City and Sustainable Development Academy (SCSDA) have signed a Memorandu...

Picture of Barcode in Oslo. Photo from Pixabay.
External members to the faculty board

Rector Curt Rice has appointed external members to the faculty board of the Faculty of Technology, A...

From Pilestredet 35, Oslo
Ashish Rauniyar selected to prestigious Global Young Scientist Summit

OsloMet PhD Research Fellow Ashish Rauniyar is selected as a global young scientist for the prestigious Global Young Scientist Summit (GYSS) in Singapore 2020.

Picture of Ashish Rauniyar