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The Faculty Administration

The Faculty Administration of The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) is directed by the Faculty Director, and consists of four sections and staff. The sections are divided according to the tasks performed in the sections and provides services across the departments.

The Faculty Director

The Faculty Director is head of the whole administration of the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design and has personnel responsibility for section heads and Staff employees.

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Management Advisory Services

The duties of the Faculty Director's Staff include planning, coordination and preparation of matters for consideration by the faculty management and faculty board, liaison with the Student Board and student organisations, as well as information and communication work.

Support functions for operation services are also part of the duties of the Faculty Director's Staff. 

The Office for Management Support contributes to a coordinated and professional support service for department and faculty management at the faculty.

Section for Academic Affairs and Internationalisation

The Section for Academic Affairs affairs and Internationalization is responsible for relevant information regarding academic affairs and everyday student life, student- and exam management, course planning, programme- and course descriptions, student exchange and digital platforms.

The section has a study administration office. The office is responsible for the study administration work related to education quality (establishments, audits and evaluations), study administration ICT systems (FS, TP, EpN, FpW, Canvas, OTRS), and advice within international education.

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Section for R&D

The section was established is given a key role in faculty development through working with researchers and research groups, development and monitoring of our new PhD programme and administration of research projects.

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Employees in the Section for R&D

Section for Human Resources

The section is responsible for recruitment and appointments, health, safety and the environment (HSE) and general personnel management in the faculty.

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Employees in Section for Human Resources

Section for Finance

The section's duties include budgeting, financial management, accounting and project finances in the faculty. Support for R&D is also organised in the Section for Finance.

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Employees in Section for Finance

The administration's offices are at Pilestredet Park 33 (Pp33) and Pilestredet 35 (P35) in Oslo, and at Kunnskapsveien 55 (Ku55) at Kjeller. The lists of employees state which office the employees work at.