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Research and development

The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) carries out research and development activities within technology, engineering, art and design.

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R&DI strategy at TKD

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R&D administration

  • The R&D-section at the Faculty

    The R&D-section assists and advices  researchers,  research groups and the faculty management on research funding, research ethics and personal data protection, publications, dissemination etc.  

    The R&D-section has administrative responsibility for the Faculty's PhD-programme in Engineering Science.

    Contact persons in the R&D-section

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      Head of Section

      • Research ethics
      • Contact for the Department of Product Design (PD)
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        Senior Adviser

        • R&D and Innovation Consulting
        • International projects
        • National projects
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          Senior Adviser

          • Research grant support
          • Responsible Research and innovation (RRI)
          • External networks and partnership
          • Innovation
          • Intellectual property rights (IPR)
          • Contact for Department of Computer Science (IT)
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            Senior Adviser

            • PhD Adviser
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              Senior Adviser

              • Privacy, personal data protection contact for R&D
              • Data management plans 
              • Research ethics
              • Secretary for the local R&D committee
              • Contact for Department of Art, Design and Drama (EST)
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                Senior Adviser

                • Equals EU
                • Cristin (super user)
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                  • Application support and project follow-up
                  • Project registration; the research database and P360 
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                    Senior Adviser

                    • Application support for external funding for collaborative projects
                    • Regional, national and international projects
                    • Contact with business and the public sector for partnerships
                    • Project support; start-up, implementation and closure
                    • Contracts and agreements
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                      Senior Adviser

                      • PhD Aviser
                    • Dissemination of research

                      The Faculty's Communications Advisers are happy to help with dissemination of research.

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                          Fear of failure hinders creativity

                          “Making mistakes helps us learn and improve, and it is by making mistakes that we discover new ideas,” says OsloMet professor Ingeborg Stana.

                          Student drawing with pencil on a pencil portrait of a woman.
                          Launches International Alliance for Zero Emissions from the Built Environment

                          OsloMet will lead international research and education that can contribute to reducing the climate footprint from buildings and the built environment.

                          Picture of buildings and street at Aker brygge in Oslo. There is sunshine, and blue sky in the background.
                          Starts up with European prestige funds

                          Andre Laestadius brought with him the coveted "ERC Starting Grant" for young researchers when he came to OsloMet in autumn 2022.

                          Picture of Andre Laestadius in front of a white board with mathematical formulas.
                          OsloMet launches PhD programme in Innovation for Sustainability

                          The University Board approved the establishment of a new doctoral programme in Innovation for Sustainability 15 September.

                          Part of yellow OsloMet-logo on a colourful building on campus.
                          OsloMet at Design Days in Brussels

                          Julia Jacoby, Head of studies at OsloMet, is taking part at The Design Days to speak about 'Design research initiatives from OsloMet’. She welcomes a lively debate on the impact design has on transitioning towards a more sustainable future.

                          From the left: Jostein Kandal, Nenad Pavel, Zacharias Andreadakis, Julia Jacoby, Marie Hebrok, Arild Berg and Yngve Foss – FoU-direktør OsloMet
                          Collaboration with a Czech university in strong progress

                          University of Hradec Králové and OsloMet have signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation in education, science and research.

                          The picture shows the two rectors shaking hands after signing the collaboration agreement.
                          Erasmus+ gave a lot extra

                          The two research assistants from Germany knew a lot about predicting electricity prices, which OsloMet benefits from.

                          Picture of the two scientific assistants from Germany, Stefan Leiprecht on the left, and Fabian Behrens on the right, photographed in Pilestredet 52 in Oslo.
                          Trying to reduce damage to paintings

                          OsloMet and Munch Museum investigate how mechanical loads affect porous canvas paintings during transport of Munch's paintings.

                          The picture shows representatives from the Munch Museum on the right, and OsloMet's Mohammadreza, Emrah and Semih on the left and at the back right. In the background we can see a canvas to which measuring instruments are attached.
                          The first PhD Graduate from Engineering Science

                          Vajira Thambawita is the first graduate from the PhD programme Engineering Science.

                          The picture shows a picture Vajira Thambawita inset to the left in a facade picture from OsloMet.