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Education and Society

The research group aims to contribute to educational innovation, transcend disciplinary boundaries and illuminate the potential of the practical and aesthetic subjects within education and society.

Over both the long and short terms, education is the key to renewal, ‘Bildung’ and the further development of society.

The research area is broad and includes both practice-led learning and skills training as well as knowledge building and method and theory development with relevance for society, school and working life.

The research group is located at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.

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  • More about the research

    How can knowledge building and the development of professional knowledge be seen as a link between research within education, technology, art and design from a contemporary and future-oriented perspective?

    This is one of several issues we want to consider based on various theoretical, methodological and practice-oriented approaches. The research group is guided by the belief that research within practical and aesthetic subjects opens up new perspectives on the challenges facing today’s society.

    One important intention is to develop an arena wherein education can be discussed and problematized in a societal context. We believe that such problematization requires new educational ideas because the interaction between aesthetic expressions and practice is radically changing today.

    The research group aims to shed light on the implications of these changes for education, the field of practice and research-based knowledge development.

    By concentrating on education and society, the research group aims to explore how synergies and professional development can occur in interdisciplinary and profession-oriented processes.

  • Research topics

    Professional Education – Professional Practice

    This problem area invites research that concerns both professional education and professional practice. As a profession in today’s and future society, practical and aesthetic subjects are central.

    Researchers in the area problematise, for example, academic freedom in teacher education, interdisciplinary professional understanding, relevance to working life, quality of practice and educational innovation.

    Materiality and Technology

    The problem area invites exploration in, through and for material and digital practices. Maker methodology, creative methodology, innovation and problem-solving are central. Researchers in the field often work at the intersection of different disciplines, forms of expression and practices.

    Aesthetics and Pedagogy

    The problem area opens up questions related to aesthetic subjects and practices in an educational context.

    Researchers in the area raise questions, such as how aesthetic practice is relevant for future professional development, how aesthetic subjects can function as spaces of freedom and how aesthetic subjects and pedagogical reflection can enable radical social criticism.


    The problem area raises, among other things, the question of how we can work methodologically to create new and different knowledge that is relevant for a diverse and complex society in constant development.

    Through future visions and scenarios, the researchers problematise, among other things, democracy, sustainability and future pessimism. Transdisciplinary thinking provides a scope for creativity and problem-solving in an educational context