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Design Literacy

A sustainable and socially ethical perspective on design literacy underlies our research on design and design education from kindergarten to PhD.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design. Our research links design literacy to democratic participation in design processes and the awareness of quality and sustainability in production and consumption. We want to uncover and make visible the impact of the public on environmental challenges in society, including in their role as consumers.

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      Designed objects and solutions affect our lives and values. Designers, decision makers, investors and consumers have different positions in the design process. They all make choices that will affect our future. In order to tackle global environmental challenges and create a better future for all, designers and the public need to cooperate. For this purpose, the development of design literacy as a basis for critical thinking is necessary. Thus, we seek to identify the challenges that need to be addressed in design education at different levels in order to boost the advancement of design literacy.

      Design education at primary and secondary levels represents both a foundation for professional design education and a prequalification for choices we make daily. We focus on progression in design education – from kindergarten to PhD level.

      Our research will help to promote a sustainable and socially ethical perspective on educational policies and practices. We need research to improve design education and teacher education and to train reflective and quality-conscious consumers. This will be crucial for the development of a sustainable society with a focus on quality, environmentally conscious consumption, and resource use. 

      The development of Makerspace is an integral part of the research team's work. The interaction between formal education and the Makerspace movement can contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship. The research group is based on the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

    • Projects

    • Artistic Development and Research at the Department of Art, Design and Drama

      A group organized under the two research groups at the Department of Art, Design and Drama, gathering the faculty members who fucus on artistic research and practice in their research time. The group is a platform where practical work is presented and discussed, focussing on the dissemination of artistic research at the department through relevant channels and arenas. We are concerned with the relation between theory and practice, and how these areas affect each other reciprocally. Presentation of artistic work at relevant arenas through exhibitions and performances, are as central as the verbal formulations of experiences through articles and other paper presentations.

      Head of group: Professor Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk.