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Structural Engineering Research Group (SERG)

This research group investigates broad aspects of structural engineering using a variety of experimental, computational and theoretical techniques.

Structural engineering concerns the simulation, analysis and design of load-bearing structures and it is vital to the efficient and effective development of the built environment. 

Our activities cover various research and development areas of great interest in Civil and Structural Engineering and rely heavily on an integrated use of experimental testing, analytical methods and numerical simulation and modeling with a modern holistic approach to research.

This group belongs to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.

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    Our goal is to establish our presence in the area and position ourselves in the national front in structural engineering, while also making impact internationally.

    Our principal areas of focus are:

    • Safety and service life of buildings and structures
    • Durability and sustainability of concrete structures
    • Computational methods in structural engineering
    • Non-linear analysis of structures
    • Analysis and design of structures made of both traditional building materials (such as steel, concrete and timber), and more advanced and novel materials
    • Structural optimisation
    • Vulnerability assessment of structures
    • Structural reliability and assessment
    • Material modeling
    • Digitalisation in structural engineering

    Research in structural engineering is closely connected to the education offered in the new master’s degree program in Structural Engineering and Building Technology, in which computational methods and simulations of structural behavior are core issues.

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  • Cooperation

    We will focus on active research collaboration with various organisations in government, industry and research institutions both in Norway and abroad, while moving to the digital era taking full advantage of technological developments and digitalisation.

    This is important for ensuring that more talented and highly motivated engineering students will attend our Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes in Civil Engineering at OsloMet, thus achieving greater competence and a more competitive building industry.