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The Doctoral Committee at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design

The Doctoral Committee is tasked with developing the faculty’s researcher education.

The committee:

The doctoral committee's tasks

The dean has assigned decision-making authority to the committee in matters relating to:

The committee will provide input and advice to the dean in matters relating to:


The faculty’s doctoral committee comprises:

Chair of the committee

Teaching and research staff representatives

Representative of the research fellows

External academic representative

Administrative staff representative

Committee secretary

Senior Adviser Tine Holmsen-Ringstad, R&D Section.


Siri Fagernes, Programme Manager

Meeting dates and deadlines 2022

Committee secretariat

The faculty's R&D administration is the committee’s secretariat and will, in cooperation with the vice dean for R&D, prepare and provide advice in cases presented to the committee.

The dean will supplement the committee’s expertise during the period as needed.

Further information

Minutes and case documents (in Norwegian,