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Department of Computer Science

The department offers higher education in computer science and information technology, and has extensive research and development activity.


2023 (Database for Statistics on Higher Education)


FTEs in 2023 (Database for Statistics on Higher Education)

Bachelor's programmes

plus European Project Semester, a one-year study programme, a foundation course and a three-semester version of engineering studies

Master's programme

Seven specialisations in the Master's degree program Applied Computer and Information Technology (MSc)


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  • Addresses

    The department is located in Pilestredet 35 (P35) in Oslo, parts of the department is in Pilestredet 52 (P52).

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  • External collaboration

    The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design combine cutting-edge science with strong industrial links. 

    The Department has extensive collaboration with partners from the IT industry, in order to ensure the relevance of our educational programmes and R&D activities to the industry and to society. 

    Bachelor's and master's theses

    The Department collaborates extensively with industry and organizations to provide our students with relevant projects for their Bachelor's and Master's theses. 

    The projects are based on real-life challenges, and we make sure that the students get to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies.

    The projects are a key stepping stone in preparing students for the workplace, and provides them with a unique insight into their future work  and work environment.

    The Department ensures that the students receive academic supervision throughout their project period. 

    The Department organizes Relevance Seminars every year. Partners and contacts from the industry are invited to discuss and suggest potential changes to our educational programmes, in order to keep the programmes relevant for the industry.