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Department of Computer Science

The department offers higher education in computer science and information technology, and has extensive research and development activity.


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FTEs in 2021 (Database for Statistics on Higher Education)

Bachelor's programmes

Including European Project Semester, the OsloMet International Summer School, a one-year Foundation course for Engineering studies and a Three-semester version of Engineering studies.

Master's programme

New specialisations in the Master's degree program Applied Computer- and Information Technology (MSc)


  • Head of Department

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    • Addresses

      The department is located in Pilestredet 35 (P35) in Oslo, parts of the department is in Pilestredet 52 (P52).

      Telephone, postal address and invoice address.

    • External collaboration

      The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design combine cutting-edge science with strong industrial links. 

      The Department has extensive collaboration with partners from the IT industry, in order to ensure the relevance of our educational programmes and R&D activities to the industry and to society. 

      Bachelor's and master's theses

      The Department collaborates extensively with industry and organizations to provide our students with relevant projects for their Bachelor's and Master's theses. 

      The projects are based on real-life challenges, and we make sure that the students get to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies. 

      Those projects are a key stepping stone in preparing students for the workplace and provides them with a unique insight into their future work duties and their future work environment.

      The Department ensures that the students receive academic supervision throughout their project period. 

      The Department organizes Relevance Seminars every year. Partners and contacts from the industry are invited to discuss and suggest potential changes to our educational programmes, in order to keep the programmes relevant for the industry.

    Cristina Paupini elected for the Faculty Board at TKD

    PhD Fellow Cristina Paupini is elected as representative for the temporary teaching and research staff at TKD.

    Portrait picture of Cristina Paupini to the left. Cristina is dressed in a white shirt, and in the background there is a brick wall. To the right, a picture of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo.
    Information technology at the top of publishing

    The Department of Computer Science had the highest publication number of computer science departments at Norwegian universities in 2020.

    Picture of the OsloMet logo mounted on the edge of a glass roof on the facade of Pilestredet 35 in Oslo. Blue sky in the background to the left.
    OsloMet AI Lab granted status of Excellent Academic Environment with NordSTAR

    Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI research (NordSTAR) will be OsloMets high quality academic environment in modern Artificial Intelligence.

    Picture of a wall at OsloMet with green climbing plants
    Nonviolent communication helps students collaborate

    By learning about empathy in communication, computer science students collaborate better across their differences.

    Illustration picture from OsloMet by John Anthony Hughes/OsloMet
    Best Paper Award to OsloMet researchers again!

    Ashish Rauniyar and Paal Engelstad from OsloMet got the Best Paper Award at the IEEE 43rd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing.

    Picture of Ashish Rauniyar
    Master's students help clean the Oslo Fjord

    The challenge was to locate bottlenecks caused by heavy rain and reduce spilling of untreated water to the Oslo Fjord.

    Picture of the winning students
    International summer school with focus on technology and innovation

    OsloMet's International Summer School welcomed in 2019 a record number of 120 students from seven di...

    Picture from Summer School
    Ashish Rauniyar selected to prestigious Global Young Scientist Summit

    OsloMet PhD Research Fellow Ashish Rauniyar is selected as a global young scientist for the prestigious Global Young Scientist Summit (GYSS) in Singapore 2020.

    Picture of Ashish Rauniyar