A selection of the different research projects that the Artificial Intelligence Lab is a part of.

  • AI-Mind

    The goal of the research is to reduce the burden of dementia by developing novel, AI-based tools to support healthcare professionals in their diagnosis and offering timely interventions to patients.

  • Hybrid Deep Learning Cellular Automata Reservoir (DeepCA)

    DeepCA is a long-term time horizon project seeking the integration of biological and artificial intelligence. The ambitious research goal of the DeepCA project is to create a theoretical and experimental foundation for a novel hybrid deep learning paradigm based on cellular automata and biological neural networks.


    Self-Organizing Computational Substrates (SOCRATES) is a project seeking radical breakthroughs toward efficient and powerful data analysis available everywhere, from the simplest sensor node to the most complex supercomputer.

  • Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures

    The project's main objective is to develop a European platform to shape and popularize an emerging “naturecultures” paradigm via the arts, as well as to strengthen an international network committed to enhancing criticality by investigating the pervasive greenness trope.