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NordSTAR presented keynote on AI Trustworthiness

NordSTAR, recently took centre stage at the BMW Research Group Machine Learning and Big Data event, where they delivered an insightful keynote presentation on the quantitative assessment of AI trustworthiness.

The event, held on 4 March, 2024, provided a platform for experts and researchers to discuss the latest advancements and research work on Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Data Analytics.

The keynote presentation, titled "Quantitative Assessment of AI Trustworthiness: The validation of a new questionnaire and its application to health, business, and industry," featured speakers from NordSTAR and NIBR, Senior Researcher Yuri Kasahara, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Tumaini Kabudi and Professor Pedro Lind.

At the centre of this talk is the quantitative scale for AI Trustworthiness developed and validated within the collaboration of the Nordic Center for Sustainable and Trustworthy AI Research (NordSTAR) and the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR).

Assessing AI trustworthiness

The highlight of the presentation was Nord Star’s research on assessing AI trustworthiness.

The team, comprised of the speakers and Weiqin Chen, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Anis Yazidi, Professor, NordSTAR, developed and validated a questionnaire to evaluate trust in artificial intelligence systems.

This innovative approach addresses the growing need for reliable metrics to measure trust in AI. During the keynote, NordSTAR shared insights from their study on user trust in Generative AI (GAI).

The team uncovered a new dimension in AI trustworthiness by conducting a national survey in Norway with over 1300 respondents, expanding existing scales to provide a comprehensive assessment framework.

The study, due to be published shortly, will significantly contribute to the discourse on AI trustworthiness.

Exciting collaborations are on the horizon as NordSTAR and BMW Research Group explore new avenues for applying the questionnaire.

Collaborations in AI trustworthiness and eye-tracking data analysis

Plans are underway for BMW Research Group to visit NordSTAR in April to discuss potential collaborations in AI trustworthiness and eye-tracking data analysis.

This will be followed by a reciprocal visit from NordSTAR to BMW headquarters in Munich, laying the groundwork for future joint initiatives.

NordSTAR's keynote presentation at the BMW Research Group event underscored the organization's commitment to advancing research in AI trustworthiness.

By developing innovative assessment tools and fostering collaborations across industries, NordSTAR is poised to shape the future of AI ethics and governance.

Illustration image from Pixabay at the top of the article.

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