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The OsloMet Board

The Board is the top decision-making body of OsloMet and is responsible for overseeing its operations and strategic direction.

The Board serves for a period of four years, with its current term spanning from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2023. Student board members are chosen every year.

Trine Syvertsen is chairman of the Board.

The Board has

The 14 members of the OsloMet Board.

Photo: Benjamin A. Ward / OsloMet

  • Board members

    Chairman of the Board

    • Trine Syvertsen

    External members

    • Trym Holter
    • Laila Bokhari
    • Jens Erik Mogensen
    • 1. Deputy: Aud Hansen
    • 2. Deputy: Ivar H. Kristensen

    Members employed by OsloMet

    Member employed in a technical-administrative position
    • Hege Maria Bergersen
    • Deputy: Tore Jascha Lichtenstein Vogt
    Members employed in education and research positions
    • Einar Braathen
    • Inger Vederhus
    • Nils Pharo
    • 1. Deputy: Ingrid Ruud Knutsen
    • 2. Deputy: Karl Joachim Breunig
    Member employed in a temporary position
    • Camilla Holm

    Student members

    • Marie Knutsen Bruntveit
    • Eskil Uggen
    • 1. Deputy: Ola Gimse Estenstad