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Our campuses

OsloMet has three campuses. Our largest campus is located in the centre of Oslo, while our other campuses are in Kjeller, near the city of Lillestrøm, and in Sandvika, in the municipality of Bærum.


Main gate at Pilestredet Capus.
Pilestredet Campus

OsloMet’s largest campus is located in the centre of Oslo.

The entrance of the Kjeller Campus building with its tall glass facade.
Kjeller Campus

OsloMet’s second-largest campus lies 20 kilometers outside of Oslo in the fast-growing Romerike region.

The entrance to Campus Sandvika at Kunnskapssenteret.
Sandvika Campus

Campus Sandvika is located in Kunnskapssenteret, approximately 50 meters from Sandvika train station.