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Appointments committees and council

The right to make decisions regarding appointments to all positions is delegated to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD), with certain exceptions.

The exceptions mainly concern leading positions at the university; for example dean, head of centre and faculty director who are employed by the university college board, as well as professors and dosent professors who are appointed by a separate committee on the recommendation of the head of department.

The processing of cases to be considered by the appointments committees and council must be completed before being sent to the head of section HR, at least one week before the meeting is to be held.

All cases are decided by a simple majority.

Employee representatives on the appointments committees are appointed by the employee unions and shall attend to the interests of all applicants to positions, regardless of membership.

You can read about the tasks of appointments committees and councils and get an overview of planned appointment meetings further down the page.

Overview of members of appointment committees and councils

Appointments committee for appointments of managers

Recommendation committee for heads of departments and programme coordinators

Appointments committee for teaching and research positions

Appointments council for technical and administrative positions

Secretaries for both appointing committees are Marianne Holm Jensen and Maria Nybakk Bø.

Tasks of appointments committees and council

The appointments committee for teaching and research positions handles the following matters:

The appointments council for technical and administrative positions handles the following matters:

Appointments meetings

Meetings usually twice each month.