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Art in Society Research

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design and relates to aesthetics as both a variety of practices and as a field of research that has begun a journey toward society and a more applied thinking.

The main focus of the group activities is to evaluate and discuss the possibilities for a contemporary and socially oriented art education, emphasising the particular and critical qualities of art, as well as looking into what applied principles might mean in a context where education meets new global challenges while also having to address immediate local issues.

In order to do this, we will critically investigate and promote new ways of assessing art based competence that can be brought back to education programmes.

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      The project encompasses both practical and theoretical approaches to contemporary art practice and education. At the core of the research, there is a critical questioning of the philosophy, legitimation and motivations of what education could be. There is also a notion that contemporary art practices are dependent on diverse forms of knowledge and also themselves produce various forms of knowledge, which art education could and should discuss.

      Our group name Art in Society points towards what seems to be one of the most important challenges for art education today, both inside and outside of Norway, namely a difficulty with placing and acknowledging art competence as an active factor in society and work life.

      The over-reaching research questions driving this project are:

      • What are possible innovation processes in art education?
      • What are possible connections between art competence and society?
      • How can art competence and potential for innovation in art be conveyed and build up in art education without losing or undermining the particular qualities of art?