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Challenging Picturebooks in Education: Rethinking Language and Literature Learning

This research group investigates the difference cognitively challenging picture books can make in schools, kindergartens and libraries, with emphasis on the school's reading instruction and so-called Shared Picturebook Reading SPR—reading aloud and literary conversation.

Norwegian picture books attract attention and win awards internationally. Nevertheless, picture books aren't much used in Norwegian classrooms and researchers aren't paying them much attention.

The international composition of this research group will enable comparative studies, especially between picture books in the Scandinavian countries, but also between Scandinavian picture books and German, French, English and Portuguese picture books.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

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    • Projects

      • Challenging Picturebooks and Shared Picturebook Reading: Empirical Studies in Language and Literature Learning.
      • Developing Adolescents' Intercultural Communicative Competence through a Challenging Picturebook: Peter Sís' "The Wall: Growing up behind the Iron Curtain". 
      • Exploring Iconotext through Readings of a Challenging Picturebook Gospel. Report from an Intervention Study in Secondary School.
      • Challenging Picturebooks in Norwegian Early Childhood Education - Performativity, Play and Pedagogy.
      • Cognitively Challenging Picturebooks and the Pleasures of Reading.
      • The Construction of the Jewish Other in Children's Bibles.