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Classroom Research

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies and deals with research on pupils' learning and teachers’ teaching, and we focus on studying teaching and learning in different classrooms.

Through observations, video recordings, audio recordings and field notes from the classroom, data are collected. These data are analysed in order to answer issues related to learning and teaching. Interviews of students and teachers as well as focus group discussions are also important data collection methods in classroom research. Intervention studies are central in order to examine how changes in teaching or the organization of this can affect students' learning outcomes.

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    • More about the research

      The classroom is the most important arena for research on learning and teaching. This includes the implementation of curricula, the teacher-student relationships, the students’ different learning conditions, the use of different teaching methods, classroom and group organization, students with special needs, teacher collaboration and more.

      We are working on various projects in several disciplinary subjects. We aim to share experiences with each other and collaborate across disciplines and within various disciplinary subjects.

      We have an ongoing research project: Inclusive Mathematics Teaching: Understanding and developing school and classroom strategies for raising attainment (IMaT). This project aims to strengthen mathematics teaching in Norwegian primary and lower secondary schools, with the specific objective of enhancing problem solving and reasoning skills in students at all levels of attainment, and from all backgrounds. It addresses the FINNUT program’s thematic priority area A: Learning processes, assessment forms and learning outcomes by focusing on the development of didactics for inclusion in mathematics learning, combining research on current teaching practice across Norway and its impact on student experience, engagement and attainment in mathematics, with innovation in mathematics teaching and teacher professional development.

    • Projects

      Inclusive Mathematics Teaching: understanding and developing school and classroom strategies for raising attainment (FINNUT, Norwegian Research Council).

      Project partners are:

      • Susan Hough, Manchester Metropolitan University
      • Jeremy Hodgen, University College London
      • Sølvi Mausethagen, Centre for the Study of Professions, OsloMet
      • Håvard Helland, Centre for the Study of Professions, OsloMet
      • Kirsti Klette and the LISA-study, University of Oslo
      • The municipality of Asker
    • PhD projects

      • Trine Foyn: A crucial time for making choices in mathematics - the development of mathematics identities in lower secondary school.
      • Sigrun Holmedal: Classroom talk in mathematics in different attainment groups.
    • PhD courses

      PhD course in September and October 2019. Classroom Research (PHUV9370).