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Classroom Research

Our research concerns learning, teaching, didactics and self-formation (bildung) in various levels of education. We aim to describe, analyze and understand different learning situations and teaching practices that take place in the classroom and other learning arenas.

The group works on various projects within several subject areas, such as Pedagogy, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Studies and English, and cross-disciplinary cooperation is a main priority.

We define classroom research in the broadest sense, to include all research which deals with students’ learning and teachers' teaching, and which takes place in both classrooms and other educational settings. 

While we use a wide variety of research methods, observing and interviewing students and teachers stand out as central data collection methods within our research group. Through field notes, audio and video recordings, we collect data that helps us answer a wide variety of research questions in connection with learning and teaching, both from general pedagogical and subject-specific didactic perspectives. Focus group interviews and intervention studies are also important methods for investigating how changes to teaching or the organization of teaching can affect pupils' learning.

In connection with the research group we hold an annual 4-day PhD course in Classroom Research

In order to establish and maintain networks with national and international professional communities, we attend various educational conferences around the world, such as NERA (Nordic Educational Research Association), ECER (European Educational Research Association) and AERA (American Educational Research Association), as well as various subject-specific conferences.

Our members are associated with various research projects at the Faculty, such as Inclusive Mathematics Teaching (IMAT) and Classroom practice 20 years on - an evaluation of the six-year reform and the youngest children's everyday school life (Klassprax 20).

Heads of research group

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