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Continuity and Coherence in Early Years - ECEC to Primary School (SAMBA)

In this research group we make use of a range of methodological approaches to investigate ECEC and school practices, as well as how these practices relate to children’s development.





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One of the main aims for the research group is to increase the quality in ECEC and to strengthen and secure continuity and progress in children’s development and learning throughout the school in a life-long perspective. Children’s language development is of special interest to the group, as language is intrinsically related to children’s learning, as well as to identity formation and social wellbeing.

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    • More about the Research

      Our work centres around two lines of research. On the one hand we investigate which factors contribute to the pedagogical quality in ECEC and primary school, on the other we investigate how children’s language development, and particularly that of multilingual children, can be related to aspects of the ECEC environment.

      For both lines of research, we have worked on adapting internationally developed assessment procedures to Norwegian, including translation, adaption of questions, validation and digitalisation. We also use the same tools to evaluate the relationship between ECEC practice and school success, as well as individual children’s language development. The assessment tools are relevant to: 1) individual children. 2) ECEC as a pedagogical environment for children, 3) dialogues within ECEC, between ECEC and researchers, as well as between ECEC, parents and school.

    • Projects

      • BePro/GoBaN: The longitudinal study: Better Provision of ECEC for Norway’s Children in ECEC (2012-2019)
      • StarWords: Study on parental Report on early Words in monolingual and multilingual children Multiple languages in ECEC
      • The development of CDI III for Norwegian
      • BlikSSt: The development of contrastive intonation in two varieties of Swedish (Att lära sig fokusera – hur stockholmska och skånska barn producerar och uppfattar kontrastiv intonation)
    • PhD Projects

      • Elisabeth Holm: Språkkartlegging i barnehagen? (Language assessment in ECEC).
      • Maren Meyer Hegna: Betydningen av interaksjonskvalitet for barns sosiale utvikling i overgang fra barnehage til skole (Interaction quality and children’s social competence from ECEC to primary school).