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Cooperation between school - working life – and university

The research group members work on projects related to various forms of cooperation between school, working life, and OsloMet university.

The goal is to contribute to developing the members’ research expertise, help with publication, and, not least, transfer research-based knowledge to teaching activities at the department.

A joint project, Teacher Education Schools in Vocational Teacher Education, has got off to a good start. The project looks at long-term collaborative structures and relevant educational content. Members of the group and interested parties from other research groups are welcome to participate.

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    The development and knowledge objectives for the group’s research activities are as follows:

    Development objectives

    • That the department develops a lasting learning partnership with upper secondary vocational schools as teacher education schools.
    • To transfer research-based knowledge from the research group to teaching on the bachelor's and master's degree programmes at the department.

     Knowledge objectives (research goals)

    •  To develop research-based knowledge on how vocational teacher education institutions, vocational upper secondary school programmes and businesses can collaborate on the continuous development of relevant content in vocational education and vocational teacher education, as well as about on-the-job learning.
    • To develop knowledge on the implementation of LK20 with a focus on issues concerning curricula, occupational relevance, vocational didactics and cooperation between schools and the employment sector.