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The research group focus on the importance of empowerment for the user/patient and therapist/ professional practitioner relationship, for management and organization of work and for ethical issues.

The meaning of empowerment can be related to processes of democratization that help to capacitate individuals or groups, and that help them to cope. The primary principle behind empowerment is the redistribution of power, which in turn requires the involvement and recognition of the skills of others.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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    Empowerment can be understood as a framework for health promotion among individuals, groups, and society as a whole. Empowerment can be linked to different contexts and to participation in processes in which coping is a core objective. Empowerment is about interaction through dialogue, participation, and the mobilization of resources.

    The Empowerment research group has three key academic focus areas:

    1. Empowerment as a concept, a process, and as results.
    2. Interaction, user involvement, supervision and learning.
    3. Health economics, priorities, and ethics.