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Information in use (INFUSE)

The research group studies use of information at work, everyday-life, studies and leisure.

The overall aim is to understand people’s use of information and its prerequisites. We regard information use as an ubiquitous phenomenon per se, and we are interested in how it infuses information related activities of a broad scope – such as information needs, seeking, searching, distribution, sharing, production, assessing – that are considered in connection with various kinds of information and information (re)sources in a diversity of situations and environments.

We undertake theoretical, methodological and empirical studies, and we are also concerned with practical implications of and for information use and information users. The information related activities are approached from the perspectives of

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      Research topics consists of, but are not restricted to: information behaviour, information practises, information literacy, knowledge management, information management, records management, information interaction, information seeking, information searching, information use, information sharing, user-oriented design, scholarly communication, documentation practices, universal design, data practices, data in social practices, knowledge construction.

      INFUSE studies connect and contribute to fields such as Information Behaviour, Interactive Information Retrieval, Human Computer Interaction, Information/Knowledge Management, System Development and Implementation, Design of Digital Information Milieus, Information Literacy and Workplace Learning.