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Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM)

We offer research and education within social sciences, with direct relevance to society and working life.

Research groups
Bachelor's programmes
Master's programmes
PhD programme

The faculty offers study programmes within social work, social policy and child welfare, business and public management, journalism and media studies, and archivistics, library and information science. The education we give is research-based. Our faculty members conduct research with direct relevance to society and working life. 

Study programmes

  • Bachelor's programmes

    Our bachelor's programmes are in Norwegian, but we offer several courses in English for exchange students. 

    • Administration and Leadership on the Public Sector
    • Archival Science
    • Business Administration and Economics
    • Child Care and Welfare
    • Journalism
    • Library and Information Science
    • Media and Communication
    • Photojournalism
    • Social Work
  • Master's programmes

    Most of our master's programmes are in Norwegian, but we offer courses in English for exchange students.

    • Applied Social Sciences
    • Business Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Journalism
    • Library and Information Science
    • Public Administration and Management
    • Public Management
  • PhD programme

Faculty management

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  • Administration

    Faculty Director

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    Section for Academic Affairs and Internationalisation

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    Section for Research and Development

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    Section for Finance

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    Section for Human Resources

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  • Faculty board

Visiting address

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located in Pilestredet 35, Pilestredet 48 and Stenbergsgata 26 in the centre of Oslo.