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Knowledge for Practice – the Knowledge Foundation for Social Work and Child Welfare

The research group conducts research directed towards development of knowledge and professional qualification in social work and social pedagogy.

Changes in society call for new knowledge, as well as for social professions being critical of their own knowledge. It involves research and development work related to knowledge and knowledge forms learned through education and knowledge that are developed and applied in practice. Moreover, it involves exploration of evidence-based practice, the relationship between knowledge from research, experience-based knowledge and the scientific and methodological approaches developed and demanded in the fields of practice.

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    The group carries on research on concepts and their development in education, in research and in the fields of practice. A particular focus is directed towards declarative terms that serve as premises for the professional work and thus are often taken for granted. Exploring such concepts in historical and comparative perspectives will contribute to a more profound theoretical knowledge base.

    In the group, learning perspectives and teaching approaches that qualify students to work in complex and conflictual practice fields are explored, including the ways in which education can contribute to critical reflective practitioners.

    A third research interest, is how the transition from education to practice is perceived and handled and how the transition may facilitate lifelong learning for professional practitioners.

    Relevance to society

    Contributions of Knowledge from the research group has social relevance by exploring and developing practice-oriented professional programs, particularly those dealing with vulnerable and marginalized groups. Knowledge and furthering knowledge evolves and is influenced by both national guidelines and international conventions and trends.

    Relevance to education

    The research is closely linked to what takes place in education, at all levels, BA, MA and PhD, as well as to the pedagogical approaches in the various courses and study areas. Empirical studies of the factors that contribute to optimal learning will be important and necessary knowledge for all who teach and  do research in this field.