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Learning and Collaboration

We are researching forms of learning and interaction in both education and professional practice, specifically related to nursing and health care, humanities and social sciences.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The research and development activities currently being pursued within the group focus on three thematic areas:

  1. learning and interaction in education
  2. cooperation between healthcare professionals and patients
  3. health counselling and pedagogical competencies

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    Learning and Interaction in Education

    We examine learning processes related to nursing students’ practical and theoretical education.

    One project focuses on the assessment of bachelor's and master's students’ competencies during their clinical studies, whilst another looks at learning activities and academic performance in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry (AFB) within nursing education.

    We also investigate learning outcomes from the interdisciplinary emergency medicine simulation, involving bachelor's students and medical students (Student BEST).

    Cooperation Between Healthcare Professionals and Patients

    The group participates in a number of projects that deal with cooperation between healthcare professionals and patients in various rehabilitation units; one example being how health professionals in interprofessional collaborations relate to patients with persistent pain.

    The group is affiliated to the research network Phlegethon, and is included in the research project Transitions in Rehabilitation, which examines patient participation and interprofessional use of knowledge in rehabilitation processes.

    Health Counselling and Pedagogical Competencies

    Mapping the characteristics of pedagogical skills required by nurses is an on-going study.

    The research group will be participating in further development and evaluation of education programs for health professionals at the Oslo University Hospital (OUS), in relation to patient education.