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Lifelong Learning

The research group on lifelong learning has put an expanded concept of lifelong learning on its agenda. This means learning and the preconditions for learning throughout life from the cradle to the grave, in, outside, and between formal education, work life, and civil society, with an emphasis on formal, non-formal, and informal learning.

More specifically, the groups work will focus on practice and experiential learning, work based learning, adult learning, organizational learning, and new forms of collaboration around learning between education and work life (symbiotic learning, dual educational models etc.). A number of more specific themes will be pursued:

The LLL-group has its basis in seven internationally established research fields for discussing an expanded concept of LLL.Philosopohy of education and learning (Bildung – paideía)

The group will develop commented lists of literature for each of the seven areas. Collaboration about learning and development of professional competence and knowledge, collective learning in work places are challenges central for everyone at the OsloMet. The LLL-group wants to contribute to a collective effort at the OsloMet and to create and strong research environment and networks for this across different disciplines.

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