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Media Practice

The research group explores the impact of media on everyday life, culture, and society through interdisciplinary approaches.

This research group belongs to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies (JM) at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The research interests encompass various traditions within media research and apply perspectives from disciplines such as anthropology, ethnology, geography, visual communication, and practical media production studies.

Media Practice focuses on three main areas and the interaction between them: Producer - Product - Practices.

Our focus is on studying how media have consequences for everyday activities, how media are embedded in social and cultural life, and "the entire spectrum of practices oriented towards media and media's role in organizing other practices in the social world" (Couldry 2004:115).

The Media Practice group consists of a core group and a network of researchers, and at the core of our activities are our seminars held once or twice a semester.

You can find our ongoing activities on our blog (

Media Practice is a further development of the former research group named Entrepreneurship, innovation and design in media (MEID), led by Robert Wallace Vaagan until the summer of 2022. The research group has changed its name and direction and is now led by an interdisciplinary trio: Ragnhild Olsen (JM), Gudrun Rudningen (AFI), and Dagny Stuedahl (JM).

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