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Migration and minority health

Our research is concerned with migration and ethnic minority health in a multicultural context. Migration and ethnicity are determinants of overall health. We address these issues at national and global levels to influence policy and interventions.

The research group focuses on policies and interventions that can reduce health disparities among migrant and minority populations. We explore topics such as mental health, nutritional challenges, equity, social inequality and access to healthcare services.

The group aims to promote health equity and reduce health disparities both inside and outside the healthcare system.

It is crucial to understand that migration and ethnicity are drivers of health inequalities. Improving the health and well-being of these populations, both national and beyond national borders, depends on policy.

By identifying effective interventions and policies, the group strives to improve the health and well-being of migrant and minority populations and reduce health inequalities on a broader scale.

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  • More about the research group

    Our team consists of experts in the field of migrant- and global health, with an extensive network that emphasizes collaboration across disciplines.

    We believe that our research is internationally relevant and invite researchers to join us as guest professors and guest researchers. The goal of our collaborative efforts and diverse perspectives is to make a difference in the world.

    Our interdisciplinary approach is our key strength, increasing our chances of funding as we tackle complex issues with multiple themes and research methods.

  • Projects

    • Scaling up a promising nutrition education initiative that can contribute to healthier diets and healthier lives among newly resettled immigrants living in Oslo and Viken County. PI Laura Terragni, Associate Professor.
    • Mental health and quality of life among refugees and asylum seekers: an international multicentre study (Lead/collaboration between Professor Sverre Varvin og Professor Mette Sagbakken OsloMet, Professors Vladimir Jovic and Bojana Trivuncic at University of Prishtina Kosovska Mitrovica /International Aid Network (IAN). Funder: OsloMet and NAKMI. (2017-2022).
    • Does the structural organization of care affect pathways in municipal services for older people with mental health/substance use disorders and immigrant background? Professor Mette Sagbakken Role: Co-PI and co-supervisor for Zeljka Cvetkovic. Funder: NFR. (2020-2024).
    • Food2Gather: Exploring foodscapes as public places for integration. Research Project. EU/HERA funded. PI Laura Terragni (2018-2022).
    • Mental disorders and psychiatric service use among young immigrants in Norway. Professor Dawit Shawel Abebe: PI and main supervisor to Ph.D. fellow Karoline Ekeberg, and Professor Mette Sagbakken and Senior Researcher Melanie Straiton: Co-supervisors. Funded by Stiftelsen Dam (2019-2023).
    • Mental health disorders among minority women: risk factors and consequences from a life-course perspective. Professor Dawit Shawel Abebe: WP leader and co-supervisor to Ph.D. fellow Kamila Hynek. Funded by NRC (2018-2022).
    • Disparities in wellbeing among immigrant children in Norway: A Longitudinal Study Exploring Causal Pathways and Mechanisms. Professor Dawit Shawel Abebe: PI; Ph.D. fellow Yonne Tangelder and leading national and international partners. Funded by OsloMet (covering project development and one Ph.D. fellow 2022-2026) and submitted to NFR (Feb 2, 2022).
    • Academic partnership and student mobility foster evidence-based practice, innovation and quality in health sciences education in Ethiopia and Norway. Professor Dawit Shawel Abebe: WP leader; Professor Mette Sagbakken: Participant. Funded by Norwegian agency for international cooperation and quality enhancement in higher education (DiKU; 2019-2023).
    • Safer births bundle of care-keeping mothers and babies safe during birth. A stepped wedge cluster implementations project in selected public hospitals in Tanzania. Funded by the Global Financing Faculty. World Bank. Ph.D. project supervised by Sara Lafontan 2020-2023.               

    Ph.D. project

    Gender-based violence among transmigrants in Oslo. Sara Lafontan and Mette Sagbakken as supervisors (developed proposal to be sent to DAM).

    Postdoc project

    Regulated occupations: Mobility, Qualification, and Labour market outcomes (RECONNECT). RECONNECT provides new knowledge on the consequences of occupational regulation for labor mobility and immigrants' opportunity to integrate with their occupation of training. Ass. Prof. Line Nortvedt, WP-leader. Participants: Ida Drange, Kari Dahl, Astrid Gillespie. Funded by NFR (2021-2025).