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Musculoskeletal Health

The group is engaged in theoretical and empirical research on injuries, diseases and conditions that affect the body's musculoskeletal system.

The term musculoskeletal health covers:

Examining, preventing and treating the main groups of musculoskeletal health form a key aspect of the practice of physiotherapy.

The research group focuses on both theoretical and empirical research relating to these five main groups within the field of musculoskeletal health.

A broad understanding of causal connections and approaches is emphasised, both from an individual and from a societal perspective.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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      The research group possesses expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methodology.

      Quantitative methods used include observation studies, such as longitudinal designs and cross-sectional studies, and experimental studies.

      Qualitative methods cover all the main types of data, participant observation, interviews and documents. Several of the group members are involved in significant international networks.

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