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Quality of Life

Quality of life in children and elderly, lifestyle diseases and various pain conditions are the main areas of research within our research group.

The research aims at different patient and user populations within primary and secondary health care.

Central research methods and activities are the development and evaluation of interventions within the framework of complex interventions, the use of mixed methods and technology (i.e. web interventions) and psychometric evaluation of questionnaires.

The research group collaborates extensively both nationally and internationally.

The group belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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    Specific topics of research are

    • overweight and obesity in children and adolescents – Interventions to improve health and quality of life
    • quality of life in people with persisting health challenges (i.e. diabetes, chronic fatigue, syndrome, cancer)
    • quality of life in vulnerable groups (i.e. Health disparities and poverty, Children with Disabilities)
    • pain and quality of life in children and adolescents (especially focusing on everyday pain and persisting pain)
    • postoperative pain management and pain assessment
    • quality of life and women’s health
    • pain and quality of life in the elderly (special focus on old people with cognitive impairment)
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