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Vocational Education and Training in Transformation (VETT)

The Vocational Education and Training in Transformation (VETT) research group works on projects related to continuous changes in occupations, work and education. Changes that require innovation in terms of competence requirements and learning processes across learning arenas.

Members of the research group represent ten different occupations as well as social and educational scientists. We are involved in 13 different projects and have more than 20 national and international collaborators. 

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      • More about the Research Group

        Vocational education and training (VET) in Norway is based on a tripartite cooperation in accordance with the ILO Convention No. 142 (educational authorities, employee organisations and employers' organisations). This means many stakeholders and players in the field: upper secondary schools, apprenticeship training companies and training offices.

        In addition to the main VET model 2 + 2 (2 years in school, 2 years of apprenticeship in companies), we experience more flexible and alternative VET models combining school-based and work-based training as well as general and vocational education. There is an ongoing renewal of the educational structure and curricula in Norwegian VET.

        We experience a high proportion of immigrants both in the initial and the continuous VET and in the use of foreign labour in some industries, a fact that challenge the organisation of work and training as well as Norwegian / Nordic values like gender equality, democracy and working environment regulations.

        The projects in the research group are characterised by these continuous changes and challenges both in the occupations, the educational structure and the labour market.  Changes that also affects vocational teachers and trainers, teacher educators and school leaders.

      • Projects

        • The professional taste
        • Mathematics as a professional tool and in VET
        • Personal epistemology. Between plumbers and apprentices at the building site
        • The subject renewal – vocational pedagogical potentials and challenges
        • Project Based Education in Technical Education at Merowe University of Technology
        • European Green Mastery: Comparison and development of skills and competences in the green sectors (Erasmus + Sector Skills Alliances) 2018-2021
        • New tools and systems for holistic documentation, analysis and learning in vocational education and training (HELDAL). 2019– 2022
        • Validation of prior learning
        • UPSKILL – competence mapping
        • Entrepreneurship Mindset Tool VISJON 2030