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Welfare, Democracy and Governance

This research group is a department of the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR). The group’s main focus is the public sector, its organisation and management, and how the latter affect political participation, governance, policy making and division of responsibilities and tasks.

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PhD candidates

These research interests are pursued in a number of policy areas, not least health and welfare, environment, housing and education. The department addresses scientific challenges of studying politics, political processes and political debates. We take special pains to bring scientific perspectives to bear on political issues in ways that advance practical knowledge and scientific understanding.

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      The department’s research projects cover all stages of policy making and policy enactment. Empirical and normative analyses are staple methodologies. One area of great importance concerns political systems and the democratic challenges facing them. We also look at problems stemming from and affecting different levels of government through qualitative and quantitative lenses.

      We study questions associated with the organisation and management of the public sector.

      We aim to establish the impact of public sector organisation and management on

      • political participation
      • governance
      • policy making
      • division of responsibilities and tasks in the public sector