DWARF - Drinking Water Readiness for the Future

In this project the future trends in Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) will be predicted based on the developed conceptual understanding of the main drivers and pressures governing DOM levels and quality, and future climate and land-use scenarios.

Knowledge of DOM will be generated based on measurements of the concentration of DOM and its characteristics in raw and treated water samples. Optimum conditions for future drinking water production will then be assessed based on experience from previous studies on DOM treatability and suitability of different treatment technologies, and different disinfection policies (e.g. chlorine-based versus chlorine-free distribution).

These conditions will then be related to individual Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP) and distribution system. Furthermore, water work staff from different waterworks will exchange experience with each other and learn from discussions of their challenges with the scientists.

Thus, this project will through interdisciplinary research (comprising several natural and social science disciplines) and transdisciplinary processes (cooperation with stakeholders) test and develop methods for achieving the overall aim of coping with increased DOM in water (i.e. browning).

This means contributing to valuable exchange of information, learning processes, knowledge and competence building among participating DWTP, as well as other stakeholders within and outside the water industry.  

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