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The pharmacy as a health care service – best practice for "Over the counter (OTC) counselling"

To ensure correct use of medication, information and patient-centered communication in the use of over-the-counter drugs is essential.

The sales of OTC medication and supplements are increasing worldwide with more people self-treating minor ailments.

With the increasing use of OTC medicine, misuse also increases. Misuse of medication increases the costs and strain on the health care system.

It is essential that the consumer has enough knowledge to use the medication correctly. Pharmacies have an important role in ensuring the correct use of OTC medication.

Many sources of information about medicines and supplements are available to customers today, some more reliable than others. There is a need for information about OTC medication among patients, but it is often missing in the encounters in the pharmacy.

By use of different methods, we want to investigate this further, to ensure correct use of these products.

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