Precision Teaching with Peer Tutoring in Mainstream Schools

A PhD project about Precision Teaching with Peer Tutoring in the Norwegian school system.

A randomized controlled trial on Precision Teaching with Peer Tutoring as method of delivery in the Norwegian school system, this study aims to examine if implementation is possible and will lead to better outcomes in relevant student skills.

At least two school classes from two different schools participate, matched on socioeconomic status, age, curriculum, number of special needs children and active cases at the Educational and Psychological Counselling Service (PPT) and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Out-patient Clinic (BUP).

The two classes are randomized to be either intervention or control group in one of two subjects, for example basic reading, or math skills.

The two classes function as each other’s control group as they both receive Precision Teaching in one of these two different subjects. All groups complete the same pre- and post-tests in both their selected subjects.

The project involves teachers and students at elementary and secondary schools in Asker municipality in Norway.



Rasmi Krippendorf, tlf. 45 24 33 70