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Regulating migration and membership through monetary requirements (REMIMO)

In this research project, the researchers will take a closer look at how time and money affect immigration and integration in Norway in different ways.

About the project

Since 2017 immigrants in Norway must provide evidence of an income of approximately 250,000 NOK, and that they have not received means tested welfare benefits, in order to qualify for permanent residence — and subsequently citizenship, since the latter requires having qualified for the former. As such, access to certain rights is determined by the income of the individual.

REMIMO investigates this regulation from three different angles:

  1. what were the arguments in favour/against, and how were values such as equality and egalitarianism discussed in the process?
  2. does it function as an incentive for immigrants to transition to the labor market, or does it mainly affect access to permanent residence? Are different groups affected in different ways?
  3. How do different groups of immigrants perceive this rule and what strategies do they adopt with regard to work and education?
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