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Video streaming between caller and dispatcher in medical emergency calls

This project investigates effects that the use of video between the caller and the dispatcher in medical emergency calls may have on the patient and how video is perceived by the user groups.

The use of video streaming between dispatchers and callers in medical emergency calls was introduced in some emergency medical communication centers (EMCC) in Norway in 2020 as an additional communication tool.

Since then, nearly all of the country's EMCCs have adopted video communication. This functions by allowing the dispatcher access to the caller's smartphone camera, enabling them to view the situation through the caller's phone camera.

At the time of the implementation of video streaming, there was limited research on the topic.

Through our project, we are exploring the perspectives of the user groups involved in the use of video streaming in medical emergency calls, which include dispatchers and callers.

Additionally, we are investigating whether the use of video streaming in medical emergency calls may have an impact on the first aid provided to injured patients by the public before professional medical assistance arrives.

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    • Oslo University Hospital
    • The University Hospital of North Norway
    • Vestre Viken Hospital Trust
    • The University Hospital of Stavanger
    • Østfold Hospital Trust