Natural Science Related to Nursing (MASY4000)

Master's course
For exchange students

This nursing course gives an introduction to how organs and organ systems function in relation to each other and how pathophysiological processes and medical conditions start, develop and are treated. The course also includes knowledge about microbiology, infectious diseases, risk of infection and infection control related to infection prevention work. Furthermore, knowledge about pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic principles, interactions and side effects of pharmaceuticals are introduced. Pain physiology, assessment and management are also topics covered in this course.

  • Admission requirements

    Applicants must be admitted to a master's/postgraduate programme related to health sciences. Previous courses or experience in nursing is recommended.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

Questions about this course?

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