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Educational Sciences for Teacher Education


This PhD program focuses on teacher education and vocational training within a national and international context. The programme is characterised by its focus on teaching, learning and socialisation in sociocultural and historical contexts.

  • Application procedures and admission requirements

    Admission to this PhD programme is continuous. To apply you need a five-year master's degree or equivalent in teacher education or other qualifications in teaching education, educational sciences, or development studies.

    Admission requirements: 

    (1) To be admitted to the PhD Programme in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education, the applicant must normally have completed a five-year master’s degree programme (three years + two years) or equivalent teacher education, have other teaching qualifications, or a degree in science of education, development studies or other relevant education at a corresponding level in fields of relevance to teacher education.

    (2) Applicants to the programme are normally required to have achieved a grade of B or better on their master’s thesis.

    (3) Applicants who achieved a grade lower than B on their master’s thesis but who meet the general admission requirement, must have achieved a grade of C on their master’s thesis and an average grade of B or better for the rest of the master’s degree. For five-year integrated master’s degree programmes, the requirement for an average grade of B or better applies to the last two years of the master’s degree programme (cycle 2). In addition, the applicant must meet at least two of the following criteria:

    • the applicant must be able to document scientific publication
    • the applicant must have research-related work experience

    (4) The grade requirement does not apply to applications for admission to individual courses.

    (5) Applicants who hold a master’s degree with a scope of less than 120 ECTS credits can be admitted to the programme on the basis of an individual assessment. The master’s degree in question must formally qualify the applicant for admission to PhD programmes in the country in which the master’s degree was taken. Applicants must have written a master’s thesis as part of their master’s degree and been awarded a grade of B or better. The requirement for a grade of B or better for the master’ thesis cannot be waived for this category of applicants. Considerable weight will be given to the project outline’s quality, relevance and originality.

    Requirements relating to the contents of applications for admission are set out in Chapter 2 of the Regulations relating to the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at OsloMet (hereinafter called the Regulations). The application for admission must document the applicant’s basis for admission and contain descriptions of the research project, a plan for implementation, funding, dissemination and stays at other institutions. The applicant must also describe his/her needs in term of supervision and infrastructure, and specify which language he/she prefers to write the thesis in, and any problems relating to intellectual property rights.

    The faculty’s doctoral committee makes a decision on admission based on an overall assessment of the application.

    On admission, the doctoral committee will appoint one or more supervisors. The main supervisor should preferably be affiliated to OsloMet. Admission is formalised in an agreement between the PhD student, the supervisor and the university, and, if relevant, other academic environments and institutions. The agreement regulates the parties’ mutual rights and obligations during the agreement period, cf. Chapter 2 of the Regulations, and complies with the template prepared by Universities Norway (UHR). The students will be affiliated to a research community in the relevant field.

    Students who complete the programme are awarded the degree PhD of Educational Sciences for Teacher Education. In Norwegian: Ph.d. i utdanningsvitenskap for lærerutdanning.

    Application for Admission to the PhD programme in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education (

    Temporary suspension of admissions 

    The Faculty of Education and International Studies has decided to temporarily suspend admission for external applicants to the Ph.D. programme in Educational Science for Teacher Education. The Faculty will therefore not accept applications from external applicants, that is those who receive funding from educational institutions other than OsloMet, for the period from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023. 

    Exceptions will be made for the following subcategories in this group: 

    • Applicants funded through Norwegian Public Sector Ph.D. 
    • Applicants from Norwegian educational institutions that do not have a Ph.D. programme. 

    The resumption date for admission of all external applicants is 1 August 2023 unless otherwise stated

  • About the programme

    This PhD programme is multidisciplinary and teacher education and professionalism is explored by multiple methodologies and by comparative analysis. The target group of the PhD programme in Educational Sciences is dedicated individuals seeking theoretical challenges and qualifications as researchers in the field of educational sciences for teacher education.

    The programme aims at offering

    • high quality post graduate studies
    • a stimulating and international research environment for PhD candidates
    • contributions to research for teacher education at an international level
    • an assurance that the PhD candidates complete their degrees within the nominal length of study
    • an attractive and good learning environment for PhD candidates

    The programme offers several courses and candidates from other programmes may apply for admission to the individual research courses.

    Please note that you need funding to be qualified for admission to our PhD programme.

  • Programme description

    For more information about this PhD programme, take a look at the programme description (

  • Courses

    Courses in English Spring 2024

    • Political Ecology of Education (PHUV9490)
    • Discourses and Power (PHUV9340)
    • Arts-Based Research Processes – An Introduction (PHUV9380)
    • Contemporary Research in Nordic Early Childhood Education and Care (PHUV9480)

    Courses in English Autumn 2024

    • Inclusion and Diversity (PHUV9470)
    • Knowledge and Misinformation: Teaching and Learning in a Digital Society (PHUV9510)
    • Classroom Research (PHUV9370)
    • Cultural-Historical Activity Theory – CHAT (PHUV9350)

    Read more about PhD courses at the faculty.

  • PhD projects

  • Career

    This PhD programme qualifies you for a research career at universities and university colleges, as well as for positions in the public and private sector that require high academic qualifications.

    You will qualify for research, education, development and other activities where there is requirement for a high level of scientific knowledge of teacher education, school and early childhood education and care, and socialisation. The programme develops theory of knowledge in teacher education as a separate field of research.

    The programme has a distinctive scientific profile, as it connects research in and on teacher education and profession with research in and on professional practice in kindergartens and schools. The research is viewed from a national and an international perspective.

    OsloMet offers career counseling to our Ph.D. students (

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