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International Connections and International Sign among Deaf People

Continuing education

This course will introduce students in deaf studies and sign language interpreting to the history, motivations, and dynamics of transnational connections among deaf people, and give a basic introduction to the concept and practice of International Sign.

  • Admission requirements

    To apply for this programme you must have Higher Education Entrance Qualification (

    Although there are no formal requirements regarding current/personal level of sign language competence, a certain mastery of at least one signed language is necessary to participate in course activities and complete the coursework requirements. 

  • How to apply

    You apply via Søknadsweb ( with study code 3473.

    The application deadline is 15 October.

    More information about admission (in Norwegian).

  • Aims and contents

    The course is suitable for students who want to learn about international connections among deaf people and develop their sign language abilities, visual communication repertoire and translanguaging skills in order to engage with these networks for both professional and personal reasons. 

    After completion of the course, the student will have acquired the following learning outcomes, arranged into the following categories: knowledge, skills and general competence.  


    The student demonstrates insight into the multiplicity of deaf people's lives internationally, with a focus on transmissions within and between countries in the Global North and Global South. 

    Can make connections between the historical development of transnational deaf spaces and the continuing significance of these spaces 

    Understands the mobility of ideas and peoples within transnational deaf networks and the role deaf people’s translanguaging practices play in these movements. 


    The student is able to utilize cultural, geographical, sociological and human rights perspectives to analyze phenomena taking place in global deaf worlds.  

    Can engage in rudimentary signed discussion about course content with another student with whom they do not shared a common signed language.  

    Can use class content and activities to reflect on their own linguistic repertoire and languaging practices.    

    General competence

    The student is able to engage in critical inquiry into ongoing developments in transnational interactions among deaf people and apply this to class assignments.  

    Can identify transnational deaf spaces and explain how translanguaging affords navigations in such spaces.  

    Student information page

    Please visit the student information page for more information about semester start:

    International Connections and International Sign among Deaf People (

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Costs

    The only cost of this programme is the semester fee ( of approximately 1000 NOK. You pay this fee each semester of the programme. There are no tuition fees.

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