Norwegian Language for Foreign Students – Intermediate Level

For exchange students

This intermediate course is an introduction to central aspects of the Norwegian language. The objective of the course is to enable you to understand and use Norwegian for basic exchange of information in everyday communication.

  • Admission requirements

    The intermediate course can be given if admission is granted to 15 students or more, otherwise it will be given as a beginner's level course.

    You can apply for this course if you are

    • an international exchange student admitted to study programmes at OsloMet for the current term
    • an international student currently following study programmes at OsloMet
    • trainees through the "Akademisk dugnad" who meet the general admission requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification (GSK)


    • Erasmus+ students and trainees
    • exchange students from other exchange programmes
    • trainees through the "Akademisk dugnad" at OsloMet who have been recommended by the Section for Internationalisation
    • international master's degree programme students

    Applicants in each category will be ranked according to drawing of lots principle. 

    Admission to the intermediate course requires one of the following:

    • a passing grade from the beginner level course
    • A1-level language competencies in Norwegian.

    When applying for admission to the intermediate course, such competencies must be affirmed either by a diploma/course certificate from an A1-level language course or through an interview with the academic coordinator. On the basis of this interview, students can either be granted admission to the intermediate course or denied such admission.

    Applicants who wish to be evaluated on basis of an interview have to contact the academic coordinator Lillian Vikmoen (e-mail) within the application deadline. The result of the interview cannot be appealed.

    You cannot apply for this course if you

    • have an equivalent or higher language competence
    • are not an international student at OsloMet
    • have ordinary admission to OsloMet
  • How to apply

    • The application deadline for courses in the spring semester is 15 January.
    • The application deadline for courses in the autumn semester is 15 August.

    You have to  fulfill your semester registration first in order to be able to apply for the course. Please contact your faculty if you have any problems with your semester registration.

    You register via Søknadsweb (

    • Choose: Log in or register using Feide.
    • Fill in your user name and password (the same user name and password as you use to log in FRONTER or Webmail at OsloMet) and press Login.
    • Fill in your personal information, and press Next.
    • (New application):  In the menu below choose: Norwegian courses for international students. Please press (Select) next to Study Course - Faculty of Education and International Studies to open the whole menu.
    • Press the arrow to open the menu under “Choose application alternative”. Then choose 3448 Norwegian Language for foreign Students, Intermediate Level 7,5sp, and press Next then save.
    • Receipt: Please control your receipt and press Done to complete your registration.

    Admissions results

    You will receive the result of admission in the last week of January for the Spring semester and in the last week of August for the Autumn semester.

    This will be published at the application portal "Søknadsweb" and you will be notified by e-mail.

  • Teaching methods

    The course comprises 40 hours of language instruction (4 hours * 10 weeks) organized as whole class instruction.

    The course activities include:

    • Reading comprehension practice
    • Listening comprehension practice
    • Conversation practice
    • Grammar exercises
    • Written assignments

    Classes and exam dates

    You will find classes and exam dates when this is ready on Timeplan på nett ( Type course id NOIN6000. Remember to use right semester in the drop-down menu.


    Ellingsen, E. & MacDonald, K. (2018): På vei. Norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne innvandrere. Tekstbok og Arbeidsbok. Oslo: Cappelen Damm. Chapters 10 - 16 (70 pages)

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Costs

    There are no costs related to this course.

Questions about This Course?

You can contact us by e-mail if you have questions about this course.