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The Publishing Game

PhD course

This course will focus on how to write and publish an article in a peer-reviewed journal. The course is recommended for candidates who are working on an early draft/outline of a journal article. It will take place at Thon Hotel Opera and Deichman Bjørvika 2 and 3 May.

  • Course contents

    This course will focus on how to write and publish an article in a peer-reviewed journal. Topics include:

    • Characteristics of a publishable paper: novelty, framing, contribution.
    • Formulating a research question suitable for the journal article format.
    • Structuring your article.
    • Choosing the right journal for your article.
    • Surviving a rejection.
    • Managing the review process and responding to reviewers’ comments.

    The main purpose of the course is to provide a better understanding of the publishing game.

    The course requires active participation. You will be assigned preparatory work (preparing an outline/draft of a research article). During the course you will be developing your own article draft and analyzing articles from your field of research.

  • Admission requirements

    Maximum 25 participants. The course is only open to PhD candidates at LUI and SPS. If there are more than 25 applicants, priority will be given as follows:

    • Those who wish to attend the publishing game (not the dedicated writing time option)
    • Applicants who are able to attend both days will be given priority.

    Register your application through this link (

  • Spring 2022

    Registration deadline: 21 March.

    The course will take place at Thon Hotel Opera and Deichman Bjørvika on 2 and 3 May.


    2 May Thon Hotel Opera

    • 9.00: Welcome
    • 9.30-11.30: Writing for publication – an editor's perspective (Tone Kvernbekk) 
    • 11.30-12.30: Lunch
    • 12.30-13.30: Entering the conversation: writing introduction sections to journal articles (Kristin Solli) 
    • 13.30-14.00: Break
    • 14.00-16.00: Work with your articles in groups
    • 16.30-19.00: Social activity: Floating sauna
    • 19.30: Dinner

    3 May Deichman Bjørvika Blankvann, U1(k) 

    • 9.00-10.00: Co-writing (Kristin Walseth & Annette Hessen Bjerke) 
    • 10.00-10.30: Sharing experiences co-writing
    • 10.30-12.00: IMRAD – and how to avoid being rejected (Hege Hermansen) 
    • 12.00-13.00: Lunch
    • 13.00-14.30: Work on your texts based on feedback and discussions
    • 14.30-15.00: Resubmit the introduction of your revised article for individual feedback (feedback given by e-mail) 

    If there is space available, we will also offer a dedicated writing-time option: This option is suitable for those who have attended the seminar in previous years. The sessions will run as shut-up-and-write sessions, where participants sit together in the same space and work on their own texts. Writing can be a solitary; daunting task and it is easier when we all write together. Many find that shut-up-and-write format can be a good way to gain momentum in their writing.      

  • Compulsory preparation

    The course involves compulsory preparation to be delivered no later than 13 April. You will submit a draft of a research article. The draft may be at an early stage. It is better to deliver unfinished work that you are not happy with than a script that has already been submitted and which you are not really open to changing. The article can be in Norwegian or English. The draft should include a proposal for a journal and a justification for why this journal may fit.

  • Language

    English or Norwegian/Scandinavian languages, dependent on the participants’ preferences.

  • Costs

    The course is free of costs. 

    Important: Registered participants who do not attend or make use of agreed accommodation/meals, will be invoiced for accommodation and meals at the hotel. The deadline to withdraw is 1 April 2022.

  • Course certificate

    After completing the course, participants will receive a course certificate .

  • Course facilitators

Administrative coordinator

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