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Action Research and Practice Research (SP9250)

PhD course

The course will introduce the historical background and development of action research and practice research, including participatory action research (PAR) and participatory practice research (PPR).

  • Application and admission

    Admission Requirements: The course is offered only to fellows who are admitted to PhD programs,  or  are part of the Associate Professor Program  (lektorprogram/førstelektorløp).

    Application deadline 15 April.

    • External applicants, please use Søknadsweb ( Search for  PhD courses, Faculty of Social Sciences.
    • Internal candidates, please use Studentweb ( and sign up yourself, or contact the PhD administration.

    It is expected that the participants are familiar with relevant literature before the course starts.

    Pre course paper:

    The applicants must submit a presentation of their projects, their experiences from action research and practice research by 15 April.
    External applicants upload the pre paper in Søknadsweb. Internal candidates send the pre paper to the PhD- administration.

    The presentation will form the basis for discussion where active participation will be expected, both in presenting one’s ideas and providing feedback on the ideas of others. The presentations must be written (1-2 pages).  The presentations will be accessible for other students on Canvas.

  • Course content

    See the course description on

  • Course certificate

    Participants who have completed and passed  the course may obtain documentation themselves. You can order a transcript of grades on Studentweb ( or it can be obtained from Vitnemålsportalen ( You can find more information about grade transcript and diploma ( on the student pages.

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