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Picture of three students at campus, OsloMet, Pilestredet.
Sustainability in education: A Norwegian experience

Through their semester at OsloMet, exchange students got opportunities to get in touch with the local nature, city, and people.

Fredrik and Jacob use technical equipment in the lab. They wear blue coats and collaborate on a task.
The first students taking the Master's in Geotechnical Engineering at OsloMet

"I like to visit The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. It gives us access to a state-of-the-art laboratory and opportunity to learn from the very best in the field," explains Jacob.

Several people sit in a ring on the floor, bending over some colored sheets and leaves in autumn colors, located in the center of the ring.
OsloMet to launch master’s degree programme in art therapy

From autumn 2024, OsloMet will offer a master’s programme in art therapy.

Picture of Maryam showing something on the quantum computer to professors Sergiy and Sølve who are standing on opposite sides of her. On the table in front of them is a black quantum computer
Maryam helps a public transport company to get ahead of technological development

The public transport company Ruter likes to be at the forefront of technology development and hired OsloMet graduate Maryam to explore the possibilities of quantum technology.

Two students walking together in front of the Kjeller campus entrance.
Student at Kjeller? Get to know the local area

Lillestrøm is just a short drive away from Kjeller campus, and here you have access to most of what you need when you are done for the day.

Picture of the students at the tram stop at Holbergs plass in Oslo. One of the new trams in Oslo has stopped on the right. The students are dressed for winter, and the pavement is bare of snow.
Looking at the urban planning of the future

‘When we look at how sustainable cities can be built using smart transport solutions, we feel we’re helping to shape the future.’

Students sitting in a park
Sustainability – Urban and natural places as your classroom

Do you want to learn more about how to work as a teacher with societal and environmental challenges in creative and engaging ways?

The students sit and stand around on the grass, out in the yard of the farm. We are seeing tools and machines. In the background we see a storehouse and a barn..
An experience of a lifetime!

The international product design students at OsloMet got off to a flying start with a three day excursion in August.

Faisal in front of the on-campus climbing wall.
‘Universal design will be important in the future; all the big tech companies are focusing on it.’

‘People are trying to find practical digital solutions to complex problems. This is a good reason to study Universal Design of ICT,’ says Faisal.

Anna Batzeri holding a computer where the screen shows the website she is helping to develop.
Making ICT solutions more accessible

When Anna makes healthy food information more accessible to food producers, she learns how ICT solutions can be used more easily by all.

Five OsloMet students at an office space. Screen, keyboard and coffee cup on the left.
The best way to work from home

OsloMet students created a manual with good tips on working from home or anywhere else.

Public health nutrition student Theresa Stegemann.
“Studying public health nutrition in Norway is really interesting”

Theresa Stegemann from Germany wanted to go abroad for her master’s. She found what she was looking for at OsloMet – and loves living in Oslo!