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Smiling students gathered in the park for the annual semester kick-off. Photo: Benjamin A. Ward

A Guide to Making Friends with Norwegians

While befriending the locals may take a little extra effort, it can help you experience Norway from a whole new perspective.

Three students walking along a quiet street with small wooden houses. Photo: Benjamin A. Ward.

Want to Enrich Your Stay in Oslo? Learn Norwegian!

By learning some Norwegian, you’ll become more integrated into Norway’s culture and begin to discover Oslo in a whole new way.

Simen walking through the park called Idioten. Photo: Benjamin A. Ward

Urban Comforts and Green Retreats in St. Hanshaugen

This popular neighbourhood near OsloMet has it all—independent shops and restaurants, narrow, colourful streets and plenty of green space.

Olaug Marie Baade Aamlid and her friend eating street food at SALT. Photo: Benjamin A. Ward.

Experience Downtown Oslo Like a Local

Join OsloMet student Olaug for a tour of her favourite places to eat, swim, shop and hang out—just a few minutes from campus.

Five students having fun in their student flat.

Life in Student Housing

The most economical housing option for international students spending a semester or more in Oslo is living in a shared student flat. Living in student housing is also a great way to meet other students—from Norway and around the world.

Picture from user testing setup

Virtual Reality Game Helps Train Parkinson's Patients

No medicine can cure Parkinson’s disease, but a virtual reality game can help the patients to retain...

Students hiking in the Norwegian woods

Nature as Your Classroom

As an exchange student at the Department of Early Childhood Education, you will experience first-hand what makes the Norwegian approach to kindergarten unique.

Nadiya, fellow student Elias, and Mari

Solving Future Challenges with Design

"Product design is exciting: You don’t have to stick with one thing, you work across disciplines and I think that’s the way everyone should work", says Nadiya.

View of Frognerparken in autumn colours.

Find Your Happy Place in One of Oslo's Many Parks

“I like a lot of places in Oslo. But if I had to choose, my first choice would be Frognerparken," says Herish, a master's student from Iran.

Sheree sitting on a table with Sognsvann bihind her and the dense forest surrounding the lake in the background.

The Air Is So Much Cleaner in Oslo

"I just love how free I feel when I go for a hike around the lake," says Sheree, a master's student originally from Canada.

Four young people in front of the royal palace.

Oslo Is Not as Expensive as You Think

The rumours are true—Norway is a relatively expensive country. On the other hand, you will end up spending less on some things in Oslo than you would back home.

Winter view of frozen lakes and forest

Ten Ways to Survive the Norwegian Winter

We won’t even try to deny it—winters here are definitely on the long side. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to not only survive winter in Oslo, but embrace it.