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Motivation letter for Art Therapy

When applying for Art Therapy you must submit a motivation letter.

The motivation letter should be up to 800 words and structured in four parts. 
Upload the letter in PDF format in the upload portal (

What should the motivation letter contain?

Part 1: Motivation

Describe your motivations for applying to this programme. Give a short overview of your qualifications related to health, psychology and/or visual art, art therapeutic skills and experience that are relevant for studying art therapy.

Part 2: Visual artworks

Documentation (photo) of two self-produced visual artworks (painting, drawing, collage, installation or sculpture) and their written reflection

Part 3: Possibilities

Think of realistic possibilities and describe where and with what client group you can imagine of doing the 160 hours of practice that is included in the study (can be also part of your current work).

Part 4: What you would like to study in your master’s thesis?

Describe what you would like to study in your master’s thesis: preventive or rehabilitative context, client group (for example age), theme (for example therapeutic mechanisms of different art materials).