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Oral Storytelling as Artistic Research will not be offered autumn 2021.

Oral Storytelling as Artistic Research

Master's course

This is a pilot course on masterlevel arranged as a collaboration between The Federation for European Storytelling (FEST) and OsloMet. Oral storytelling as an art form is a growing field in the contemporary performing art scene. This course places emphasis on the student’s academic and artistic ability to reflect, discuss and perform oral storytelling in line with socially relevant challenges.

  • Admission requirements

    People with BA and experience in storytelling.

    To be admitted to the course, the student has to deliver a bio on 200 words, where he/she describe own storytelling experience: where did they study storytelling, what kind of performances have they made and which storytellers have they seen performing and a project description on max 250 words. The content of the project description should be the following: background of the project, artistic description of the project, the relevance of the project, the aims of the project and the target group (audience) of the project. The project will be the focus of the course. 

  • How to apply

    You apply via Søknadsweb (, where you fill in your details and upload all the required documents.

    More information about admission to the international master's degree programmes.

    Application deadline: 15 May.

  • Content

    The course covers two main areas: oral storytelling as performative artform, artistic research and theory. 

    Oral storytelling as performative - and verbal artform

    • storytelling practice
    • advanced explorative training
    • organisation and management of process and production

    Artistic research and Theory

    • artistic research methodology
    • performance theory
  • Course description

    Oral storytelling as artistic research provides further education for experienced oral storytellers. The course aims to develop the students’ own artistic expertise and discuss, reflect and explore the possibilities for using oral storytelling as a performative artform in different contexts. In the course, the students will work on their own artistic project leading to a performance.

  • How the programme is taught

    The three first weeks of the course will be organized as online tutoring and teaching with online material, individual and in groups. One week of the course is organized as workshops and seminars at campus. I addition will the exam/the performances be arranged at OsloMet. 

    Duration: Four weeks

  • Programme structure

    Optional course Spans multiple semesters

    1st year of study

    1st semester
  • Costs

    All students must pay the semester fee ( 

    FEST will give an artistic grant to eight international students based on motivation letter and project description. This grant will cover some of the expenses concerning living in Oslo during the course. 

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