Admission to international master's degree programmes

How to apply for international master's degree programmes.


As a result of the pandemic and the uncertain times we are facing, we urge you to take precautions when planning for your stay. Please note that OsloMet does not take responsibility for any changes or cancellations outside of our control caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This also includes any financial or practical challenges that might occur for individual students as a result of the pandemic.

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Admission requirements

Please read the admission requirements carefully before you submit your application.

Information about specific admission requirements is available on the webpage of each individual programme. Go to the master's homepage to find the programme you want to apply to.

Please note that it will not be possible for applicants from outside the EU/EEA to apply for admission to the Master's degree programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT) and the Master's degree programme in Structural Engineering and Building Technology starting autumn 2022. Students with deferred admission from autumn 2021 will receive information from the Admissions Office at OsloMet regarding their admission.

You are only qualified if you meet the admission requirements. If you are not qualified, your application will be rejected.

The minimum academic requirement for admission to any master's degree programme at OsloMet is the grade C in the ECTS system (or equivalent). The Norwegian grade C is described as a good grade, generally comparable to a B in the American system, or a Second Class Upper in the British system. 

Please note that eligible applicants who fulfill the minimum grade requirement will compete for a place on the programme. Meeting the minimum average grade requirement does not guarantee admission, since the admission process is highly competitive. Applicants are ranked based on the grade point average from the bachelor’s degree.  For some programmes you may get additional points for extra education/work experience. You will find further information on the master degree programme's homepage.

You must upload all the required documents for admission as a part of your application.

You also need to document your English proficiency.

Please note that bachelor’s degrees from some countries may not be recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree. Significant differences between education systems in Norway and the country of origin may result in that only parts of the foreign education will be recognised as equivalent to Norwegian higher education.

Application deadlines

There are different application deadlines based on which country you are from:

The application portal opens on 15 October for the deadline 1 November, and on 1 January for the March and April deadlines. 

How to apply

You apply via the application portal Søknadsweb (

Are you a refugee as a result of the war in Ukraine and want to apply for an international master's degree programme, please send an email to

Financing for non-EU/non-EEA citizens

OsloMet does not offer any scholarships.

In order to be granted a student residence permit in Norway, you must document your ability to finance your stay. The required amount to deposit is currently NOK 128 887 (for the full academic year 2021/2022).

You will find more information on documentation of finances for visa purposes ( on our student website.

There are no tuition fees for international master's degree programmes at OsloMet, however there is a semester registration fee of approximately 1000 NOK, and there may be additional material fees for some programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I meet the GPA requirement at OsloMet?

    We do not have the capacity to assess your grade point average before you apply. All foreign education is individually evaluated during the admission process. Please note that meeting the minimum average grade requirement does not guarantee admission, since the admission process is highly competitive. 

    Please make sure to upload information regarding your university's grading system, if you have any. 

  • Could you check my documents and consider if I am eligible for admission for this master’s degree programme?

    To consider whether you are qualified for admission or not, you will need to apply. We will then consider the relevance of your educational background based on the documents you enclose together with your application. We do not have the capacity to consider this before you apply.     

  • What are the admission requirements for this programme?

    The academic requirements for each study programme are specified on the homepage of each programme.

  • My previous education was in English. Is this sufficient proof of my English proficiency?

    English language proficiency must be documented with one of the recognised tests, unless you are exempted from taking a test according to the list of exemptions. 

  • I will complete my bachelor's degree in June next year. Can I get a conditional offer of admission?

    Since you have not yet graduated with a bachelor's degree, you are not eligible for admission to this year's  international master's degree programmes. Due to study permit/visa issues, applicants must have graduated with a degree by the time of admission. Admission to the international master's degree programmes finish in December/January. 
    However, if you are completing your current degree after the application deadline and do not need a visa to come to Norway, you may submit your final diploma and transcripts within 1 July.  

  • Do I need to submit a Motivation Letter?

    Only applicants to Product design - Design in Complexity need to submit motivation letter (and portfolio). For the other programmes these documents will not be taken into consideration in the admission process. 

  • Do I need to submit a Letter of Recommendation

    No, these documents will not be taken into consideration in the admission process. 

  • Do all my documents have to be uploaded by the application deadline?

    Yes, all your documents must be uploaded by the application deadline. The deadline to submit documents is 1 November. Documents submitted after the deadline will most likely not be assessed. 

  • Can you check if I have submitted all required documents?

    You can check the status of your submitted documents on the receipt page in the Application Portal (“Søknadsweb”). 

  • When will I receive the admission result?

    For applicants from countries outside EU/EEA:  The admission result will be published at the end of January/beginning of February. 

    For applicants from countries inside the European Union / the European Economic Area (EEA) / Switzerland:  The admission result will be published 1 May (early admission) and 10 July (ordinary admission).

    An email with the result will be sent to the email address you registered in the application. The result will also be published in the Application Portal (Søknadsweb). 

  • Could you explain how my ranking points will be calculated?

    You will be ranked based on the grade point average from your bachelor's degree. 
    You may get additional points, depending on what programme you apply for. For more information about ranking, please check the admission requirements on the homepage of each master’s programme.

  • I meet the requirements and my grades are good. Why am I on the waiting list?

    We do not have the capacity to grant admission to all applicants. The admission process is highly competitive and there are a limited number of places on each programme. 
    Applicants on the waiting list are only considered for admission if other applicants reject their offer of admission. You will be notified if you are on the waiting list and the status of your application changes. However, these are exceptional cases. 

  • How do I receive the official Letter of Admission (for applicants outside EU/EEA)?

    The Letter of Admission is sent to you via the Application portal (SøknadsWeb). Once you receive a notification via email, you can download the official Letter of Admission and also the letter to the The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), under “My Documents” in SøknadsWeb.

  • How can I finance my studies? Can I apply for a scholarship?

    There are no tuition fees at OsloMet, but you will need money for accommodation, food, study materials and other living expenses. 
    OsloMet does not offer any scholarships. 
    More information about how to finance your studies

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