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Life in Oslo

Life as a Student

Ten Ways to Survive the Norwegian Winter

We won’t even try to deny it—winters here are definitely on the long side. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to not only survive winter in Oslo, but embrace it.

Four young people in front of the royal palace.
Life as a Student

Oslo Is Not as Expensive as You Think

The rumours are true—Norway is a relatively expensive country. On the other hand, you will end up spending less on some things in Oslo than you would back home.

Sheree sitting on a table with Sognsvann bihind her and the dense forest surrounding the lake in the background.
Life as a Student

Sognsvann Makes Me Feel Relaxed

"I just love how free I feel when I hike around Sognsvann," says Sheree, a master's student originally from Canada.

A smiling Andrew Edson on a small bridge in the park at St. Hanshaugen.
Life as a Student

The Light in the North is Really Beautiful

Wondering how to spend a summer evening in Oslo? Andrew from Spain shares some of his favourite things to do outdoors during the months when it never really gets dark.

Woman diving into the Oslo Fjord with the opera house in the background.

Oslo in the Summertime

The sun doesn't set until close to midnight, and even then it never really gets dark. You can spend the evening watching the light change at an outdoor café with friends, or go for a relaxing swim in the fjord alone. Oslo in the summer is a pretty magical place.